Selfless Selfie events

Posted Sep 10, 2018

Selfless Selfies is an event I have be performing since 2016.

It involves me sitting opposite another person and the two of us painting a portrait of each other in 60 seconds. At the end of the minute the portraits are exchanged. Often the portraits are displayed on a wall during the event.

A press release for one of the events went like this;

"The Selfless Selfie is an unique opportunity to participate in a new performance with internationally acclaimed British artist Jon Burgerman. Riffing on Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present, The Selfless Selfie invites the audience to silently sit opposite Jon whilst creating a portrait of each other. In just 60 seconds. 

Without time to contemplate, worry or compose, the improvised results give an open, unfiltered first impression. No previous artistic experience is required. Each participant will get to take home Jon's original portrait of themselves in return for their portrait of Jon. The outcomes are often unpredictable, and sometimes unrecognisable but always fun and memorable."