I am the Many

Posted Sep 10, 2018

My work will be displayed in the East Room of the White House as part of the "I AM THE MANY" selection during October 2015.

Ten posters from the "I AM THE MANY" initiative were chosen as a curated selection for The White House. This display also importantly coincides with the announcement from the White House that October is National Youth Justice Awareness Month.

Inspired by the 1968 civil rights "I AM A MAN" campaign, #IAMTHEMANY aims at asserting the same crucial tenets: universal right to justice, humanity and freedom. Half a century later, the cry for respect and dignity continues to strike a chord in a nation still struggling with inequality and institutionalized bias.

#IAMTHEMANY is developed as part of ACT/ART's strategic partnership with the White House and in collaboration with SeeMe and Afropunk.

Big thanks to everyone involved including Daria Brit Greene, Philip Delbourgo, Ebany Binks, Lori Zimmer, Carri Twigg and all of the other artists, Ann Lewis (Gilf!), Heather Ripley, Luis Alejo, Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic, Logan Hicks, Tim Okamura, Eno Laget, Jon Moody, Paz Fernandez and Michel Chamberland.