Xi'an Famous Foods

Posted Nov 20, 2018

I've made many murals for yummy noodle spot Xi'an Famous Foods. As they open more and more locations around NYC, I've been happy to paint murals for them and I've lost count how many I've done. Jason, the owner, is super easy to work with and a great client.


If you're visiting and would like my recommendation of what to order, I always get some combination of -

[F6] Spicy & Sour Spinach Dumplings

[L2] Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad

[NS5] Mt. Qi Vegetables Hand-Ripped Noodles in Soup

[F1] Chang'An Spicy Tofu

I request that everything is made mild spicy, because the when they say it's going to be spicy it really is!