Shit Show

Posted Nov 20, 2018

Installation for WaterAid charity exhibition in New York organised by Co Collective and Water Aid. Proceeds of all the at sales went to Water Aid and their campaign to bring clean water and sanitation to those around the world not lucky enough to have it.

• 35% of the world's population doesn't have access to a toilet.

• Half a million kids die every year from diarrhea caused by unsafe sanitation.

• 1 in 3 girls in Sub-Saharan Africa drops out of school when she gets her period, because she has no private toilet.


Improving sanitation could save the lives of 1,400 children every day. If we prevented all sanitation related diseases, we'd save more lives than curing AIDS and malaria combined. Providing toilets helps girls stay in school and breaks the cycle of poverty.


WaterAid is a nonprofit dedicated to helping the world's poorest people access safe water and hygiene. Since 2004, they've helped 21 million people gain access to clean toilet facilities. Their goal is safe sanitation for everyone, everywhere by 2030.